Dr. Herbalist Bibhitaki Powder | Smoothly Grounded | 100% Organic



* Manages cold

* Enhances Digestion

* Boosts Immunity

* Alleviates Stress

* Treats Acne and Acne Scars


Terminalia bellirica, known as baheda, bahera, beleric or bastard myrobalan, is a large deciduous tree common on plains and lower hills in Southeast Asia, where it is also grown as an avenue tree. The basionym is Myrobalanus bellirica Gaertn.

Bibhitaki contains many antioxidants, such as ellagic acid, tannins, lignans, and flavones. The compounds may help to improve blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, as well as provide anti-inflammatory effects. Haritaki contains vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin C

How to Use Bibhitaki Powder

Bibhitaki powder can be mixed in your soup, smoothie, koko, yoghurt, and many more.

It is recommended to take 1/2 or 1 teaspoon daily


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