Hemani Safron Oil l

Hemani Saffron Oil is known to be one of the most expensive spices as the stigmas of the plants are handpicked. Saffron Oil has a very interesting aroma, a woody and spicy odor. Saffron Oil is helpful in Asthma treatment.



Saffron oil is extracted from saffron spice and is known to have a wide range of benefits for your hair, skin and overall health. Saffron oil is also an important ingredient of most traditional medicines. Here are some there benefits of saffron oil,

  1. Treats acne

While preparing home-made facial masks for a glowing skin, add a few drops of saffron oil from now on. The antioxidant properties of this oil are effective in terms of fighting acne. An anti-bacterial and exfoliant property of saffron oil treats acne from the roots and prevents them from reoccurring. It also helps you fight the spots and marks which acne leaves behind.

  1. Tones your skin

Applying or using saffron oil for your skin in any form can help you get a toned, healthy and glowing skin. The antioxidant properties of this oil fight free radicals and stop them from causing any damage to your skin. It also helps you unclog skin pores and removes blackheads. It improves blood circulation to your skin which keeps your skin firm and delays the appearance of signs of ageing.

  1. Prevents hair loss

For those dealing with excessive hair loss, saffron oil can be quite helpful. Applying saffron oil on your roots can improve hair growth. Over time, it helps you replace damaged hair with healthy hair and prevents hair loss in the long run.

  1. Weight loss

One of the major causes of weight gain is hunger pangs. Those who find it difficult to control their hunger end up eating too much which contributes to weight gain in the long run. Using saffron oil in your diet can help you control hunger pangs which reduces your daily calorie consumption. In the long run, this contributes to weight loss.

  1. Treatment for respiratory ailments

For respiratory problems like congestion, asthma and whopping cough, saffron oil can be quite helpful. Inhaling small amounts of this oil or ingesting it in limited quantities can be quite helpful in clearing respiratory congestion and loosen mucus and phlegm.

  1. Mental health

The aroma of saffron oil is so soothing and pleasant that it naturally releases stress. This spice stimulates the production of serotonin in your body. This hormone helps you fight stress and depression naturally. And for those dealing with insomnia, saffron oil can be quite helpful as it is a natural sleep-inducer.


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