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Darkspots on Face | Causes, Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Dark spots are small plugs formed in the pores of our skins (face most especially) by the build-up of dirt, bacteria, and oil. They appear black on the skin depending on your complexion, and this is because of oxidation rather than the presence of germs.

Dark spots on the face normally don’t itch or cause pain, but they make people irritated because of how it looks on their skins.

Causes of Dark Spots on Face

There are quite a number of factors that cause dark spots on the face or skin. And they include:

  • Problems with Digestion.
  • Constipation.
  • Under-active thyroid and anemia.
  • An increased presence of bacteria on the skin, which causes acne/pimples.
  • Bursting pimples on the face before they are able to produce puss.
  • Overproduction of oil from the oil glands.

Natural Remedies for Dark Spots on Face

There are quite a number of natural remedies that can be applied to help get rid of dark spots on the face which do not alter your skin complexion.

  • Use a blackhead remover device to carefully squeeze out the visible blackheads gently.
  • Avoid overeating fat, greasy, or fried foods.
  • Ensure you get adequate rest at night, and keep your bowels open.
  • Avoid consuming excess alcohol (Moderate amounts of red or white wine are alright).
  • Regularly add vegetables and moderate amounts of protein-rich foods (nuts and legumes) to your diet. Note: Avoid corn. 
  • Engage in exercise, but avoid exercises that cause excess sweating.
  • Do not apply creams, oils, or ointments to your face. Especially when the weather is hot and humid.


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