Organic Apricot For Vision, Skin, Heart Health in Ghana l Non GMO l 100% Organic


Apricot trees are small and expanding, leaves are broader at the base, and pointed tips which are bright green. Apricot has white-colored self-pollinating flowers. Apricot fruit tastes good when it is well ripe; if the unripe fruit is hard and not edible.


Apricot is similar to peach, like smooth, round to oblong in shape, and it has yellowish-orange flesh. The matured apricot fruit can give farinaceous consistency like pulp. Apricot fruit has tiny hairs on the outer skin that is eaten along with its skin. Apricot is loaded with numerous nutrients, and thus it is considered as healthiest fruit in the world. Apricot can be consumed in the form of stewed fruit, juices, jams, and dried Apricot. Apricot in the dried form can be prepared using natural drying and sulfured drying process.

Apricot prepared using natural drying or sun drying can be called ‘Gun Kurusu’ in Turkey. The use of sulfur in the drying process enhances the drying rate, making the drying process faster than the natural process. Apricot produced using sulfur drying process has a longer shelf life.


Very nutritious and low in calories

High in antioxidants

May promote eye health.

May boost skin health

May promote gut health

High in potassium

Very hydrating

May protect your live

People Also Ask

Q: Do apricots contain a lot of sugar?

A: No, apricots are not high in sugar and are one of the healthiest fruits. A single apricot only contains about 3 grams of sugar. This is less than many other fruits, including berries, making them a great choice for a balanced diet.

Q: How many apricots can I eat per day?

A: On average, you can consume three to four raw apricots per day, equating to roughly 30 grams. Apricots are a healthy snack to include in your daily diet.


In Conclusion

The potential health benefits of apricots are hard to overlook. While the results may differ from person to person, apricots are a natural health booster worth considering. Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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